From Sunday 10th October

10:30 to 11:15

Children in primary school attend Sunday School

Secondary school pupils attend Bible class

Please enter through the main church hall door and sanitise your hands.

Bible class will go upstairs to the McCullough Room

P1 & P2 will go to the BB room

P3 to P7 will enter the main hall

Toilets are out of use, unless in an emergency.

A money box will be at the door for those wishing to put in an offering (for PCI Sunday School Project)

Bible Class and those in P3 to P7 please bring your own pen, pencil and colouring pencils.

P1 & P2 don not need to bring anything (all will be supplied)

Please collect children promptly at 11:15am

Children will leave the church hall in their family group with the adult who is collecting them.

Please sanitise hands on the way out

Please DO NOT send your children to Sunday School / Bible Class if they are unwell or display any symptoms of Covid-19. Thank you.

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