Do we really need more parenting advice? After all, if millions have successfully raised children for centuries without any books or courses, how hard can it be?
‘Advice overload’ from endless experts has actually undermined the confidence of today’s parents. The Putting Parenting to Bed Course gives parents some simple, common-sense basics for raising children with confidence, based on the age-old, tried and tested wisdom of the Bible. It also gives parents an opportunity to think through the bigger questions of life.
The course begins at 8.30pm every Thursday night for three weeks. Starting on Thursday 25th February, then Thursday 3rd March and concluding on Thursday 10th March in the Presbyterian church hall, Circular road, Moneymore.
The night begins with a short DVD presentation, then we get to look into three important topics, loving authority, loving obedience and loving relationships.
You don’t have to speak, you won’t be asked any questions, but you will be able to discuss and listen to others as we look into these important issues.
For more information contact John Montgomery, on 028 867 48012