Acts 17 vs. 32 – 33
“When they heard about the resurrection of the dead, some of them sneered, but others said, “We want to hear you again on this subject.” At that, Paul left the Council.”
For probably almost all of the people in the Areopagus who were listening to Paul the whole idea of the resurrection was something new, they had never heard of this idea before so it was a genuinely novel idea.
As Paul spoke to the people that day there were two reactions in v.32. Some people sneered at this message about the resurrection, to them it seemed a very silly idea that anyone would rise from the dead because people don’t rise from the dead. So they sneered, they were contemptuous towards Paul they mocked him and his message. When people heard the gospel message, there will always be those who don’t want anything to do with the gospel as they think it sounds too farfetched, perhaps they struggle to believe in a God who can do miracles. Apart from being rude, it is always a dangerous thing to mock the gospel because it leads to a heart that become more resistant to the good news and eventually leads to you rejecting the Lord all together. That is why it is spiritually dangerous to reject the Lord.
Then there were those who wanted to hear more of what Paul had to say to them, they had heard the gospel, enough to make them want to hear more about it, but we read that Paul left them at this stage and we don’t ever read of Paul going back to speak to them. That is why when we hear the gospel, we need to make sure that we listen to it and believe it because what if we never get a chance to hear the gospel again? Don’t be a procrastinator, don’t put off what you know must be done, but put your faith in Jesus so you can know the hope of the gospel
Prayer points
 Give thanks for the opportunities we have to hear the good news
 Pray that people won’t sneer or procrastinate when they hear the gospel
 Pray for those shielding, that the Lord would keep them safe.

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