Acts 17 v.30
“In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.”
Paul is getting to the crux of his speech to the Athenians. He tells them that while in the past they lived in ignorance of the true God and so worshipped false gods, now the Lord wants everyone to know who he is so they can worship him.
The Lord calls people to repentance and perhaps for most people that words denotes something that is going to kill their fun and stop them having a good time, after all repentance means not doing things that we probably once enjoyed doing in the past.
But repentance is really something positive. It means leaving behind what is worthless, unsatisfying, false and futile and turning to the Lord who worthy, satisfying, true and gives us hope. For the Athenians repentance meant turning from false gods to the true and living God, a swap that is infinitely worthwhile and good for them. And for others repentance means to turn from whatever our sin is that holds us back and turn to the Lord.
That is how good God is to call us to repentance, it is because he wants to have mercy on his creations that he has called out a people for himself that is why repentance is not something to be rejected but embraced because it is appointed way of gaining access into the life that Jesus gives.
God calls everyone to repent, it isn’t just something for a few people or for those who live in a certain country, but it is for everyone. All people, at all times in history and everywhere in the world are to repent of their sin, when they have acted in ignorance in not knowing the true God. God’s call for people to repent needs to be heard and heeded today, if you haven’t yet, then turn to him in prayer repenting for your sin.
Prayer points
 Give thanks that God graciously wants people to repent.
 Pray that these uncertain times will make many people repent of their sins.
 Pray for those facing uncertainty over their jobs that they will look to the Lord for his help and trust in him.

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